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I am Janet Nixon and this warning sticker is on my dishwasher.  

Researching what it meant, I found that it refers to the dishwasher detergent.   Unless it's eco-friendly and safe for humans, it contain chemicals that cause cancer, reproductive malformation, hormone disruption.   Also, 75% of the plastic covering on pods stays in the soil and waterways.  

I didn't want these effects, and I found it very difficult to find a safe product.  I set out to produce a safe product that was plastic-free.  

Clearfina is the result of this quest.  It took over a year to finally produce a product that is safe and eco-friendly.   I am really proud of this result and happy that it is an alternative you can rely on.  


When I think about the fact that these are known harms, why is it such a well-kept secret.  It really gets me when I think about when my niece has children; they could have reproductive malformation.  

Also, as an avid boater, I am terrified of the ocean and lakes being destroyed by plastic.  It really is strange to think that every piece of plastic ever made is still here and will be forever.  We really need to stop using it. 

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