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Three common mistakes people make when buying detergents.

1.  Choosing pods wrapped in plastic

2.  Selecting fragrance and color over free & clear

3.  Not avoid chemicals like phthalates, parabens, and sulfates.


Are you concerned about your children’s and your reproductive ability?  There are hormone disrupters contained in most detergents that cause reproductive malformation and reduce sperm counts.  Dyes and fragrances usually contain chemicals that cause reproductive malformation and may be carcinogenic.  When you buy colour- and scent-free items, you avoid the most common harmful ingredients.


Do you want to lessen your exposure to carcinogens?  Detergent ingredients often contain chemicals that are known carcinogens unless they are natural and bio-based.

Test Tubes
Plastic Bag in Ocean


Do you care about your plastic footprint?  75% of the plastic wrapping on detergent tablets stay in the soil and waterways. 

The products I’ve spent the past year developing address all of these issues.

No risk of reproductive harm with hormone disruptors.  

No risk of contracting cancer from use.  

No plastic covering or packaging.  

The tablets have no covering, and the package is compostable.     

We’ve tested each ingredient and combination, verified clean and safe.

Image by Cristian Palmer

You can stop harming yourself and start using safe detergents today.

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